Coffee and tea reduce the risk of kidney cancer.

American researchers claim that tea and coffee drinkers are at less risk of formation cancer of the kidneys.

During data analysis of thirteen studies, they concluded that coffee and tea prevent from kidney cancer, while milk, juices and carbonated water have no effect on this disease.

People who drink three or more cups of coffee a day, have risk of kidney cancer by 16 per cent lower compared with those who drank one cup of this refreshing drink. And those who drink at least one cup of tea a day reduce their likelihood of kidney cancer by 15 percent.

The researchers suppose this effect of tea and coffee because these beverages contain antioxidants that help protect cells from damage caused by cancer.




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Tea For Beginners - What Everyone Needs to Know

Traditional Chinese and Indian medicine has been utilizing green tea for centuries. Practitioners used green tea as a stimulant, a diuretic(to promote the excretion of urine), an astringent (to control bleeding and to help heal wounds), to improve heart health, to treat flatulence(gas), to regulate body temperature and blood sugar, to promote digestion, and to improve the mental processes. Our Western culture has been slow to pick up on this knowledge.

Did you know that

* two cups of black tea contain as much antioxidant as seven glasses of orange juice


* green tea has more catechins than black tea (about 25% versus 4%) largely due to the differences in harvesting and processing?

Where does a beginner to the tea world start?

According to the Tea Association of Canada , there are more than 1500 tea varieties available worldwide, however, all teas can be divided into four basic types: black tea, green tea, oolong tea and white tea.

All of these types of tea come from the Camellia sinensis plant, which is a warm weather evergreen. Herbal teas are not a member of this tea family as they are an infusion of herbs and spices, roots, leaves, bark, seeds and flowers of other plants. Herbal infusions are not to be confused with flavored teas which are prepared by adding another plant to actual tea (green, black or white).

The following is a basic summary of the basic tea types:

Black Tea Most popular in North America black tea is made from leaves that are fully oxidized and is most commonly used in tea bags. The brew is amber in color and has a deep rich flavor. Popular black teas include Assam, Ceylon, Darjeeling and Earl Grey and popular blends such as English Breakfast.

Green Tea Most popular in Asia, green tea is withered, immediately steamed to prevent oxidation and then rolled and dried. It has a delicate taste and light green color. Well known varieties of green tea include Dragon Well, Genmaicha, Gunpowder, Gyokuro, Jasmine, Matcha, Sencha Dancha and Tencha.

Oolong Tea Oolong tea is very popular in China. Oolong tea leaves are partly oxidized resulting in a tea that combines the taste and color qualities of black and green tea. Oolong teas are favored for their exceptional flavor and aroma. Some varieties of oolong tea include Formosa Oolong, Pu-erh and Black Dragon.

White Tea White Tea is made entirely from the very young leaf buds that are picked before they are open and are still covered with whitish hairs. The buds are withered, then dried slowly at low temperatures and are not rolled and slightly oxidized like most other teas. White tea has a mild flavor with a natural sweetness. As with all teas, there are many varieties of white tea such as white peony, golden moon, silver needle and white cloud. White teas are produced mostly in China and Japan, but also in the Darjeeling region of India.

How do you know which variety of tea to choose?

Selecting a tea depends on a few different criteria

* cost
* flavor
* antioxidant value
* availability

Tea is grown around the world in thousands of estates or tea gardens which vary in climate and altitude, resulting in thousands of flavorful variations. Like wines, many teas take their names from the district in which they are grown, and each district is known for producing teas with unique flavor and character. White tea is scarcer than most other teas because of the fact that it is made from the bud which is picked before it opens. For this reason it is also a bit more expensive. The oolong tea, popular for its flavor and aroma, also may cost more as this tea undergoes a unique processing which involves a partial oxidation. Green tea, rich in antioxidants, is very light and refreshing and is more readily available. Black tea is the most readily available. If caffeine-free tea is what you are looking for, an herbal tea would be your best choice.

Tea bag or loose leaf, what is the difference?

When making tea bags, whole leaves known as CTC leaves (also known as crush, tear and curl leaves) are chopped, sliced and diced into small particles (ranging from 0.2 to 1.5 millimeters) called fannings and dusts. These particles lose freshness and quality quickly when tea compounds interact with moisture and oxygen. The greater surface to volume ratio causes caffeine to diffuse out quickly. This higher caffeine extraction, together with nutrient loss causes tea bags to taste bitter. When these tea particles are bagged the paper can also be tasted.

A better alternative to tea bags which offer convenience of use without loss of quality is the tea filter bags. The whole leaf tea is simply placed in the disposable bag and the hot water is poured over it into the teapot. The filter bag is usually large enough for the loose leaves to expand. A filter bag can be re-used for the entire day and since a quality tea can be infused 3 times, it is very economical to drink.

This gives a basic summary of what a person should know about tea to help one make informed choices.

Doreen Storozuk is a hairstylist and business owner who has a keen interest in the amazing health benefits of green tea. She enjoys research and writing and invites you to visit her website at http://HealthByGreenTea.com where she promotes green tea in an unbelievable range of products.

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What is Green Tea Concentrate?

Author: Kerry Ng

Many people are familiar about the tremendous benefits of drinking green tea. It provides many health benefits as follows positive aspects for the body. However, many people may not realize that they can get all these benefits of green tea in a green tea concentrate.

Many people are familiar about the tremendous benefits of drinking green tea. It provides many health benefits as follows positive aspects for the body. However, many people may not realize that they can get all these benefits of green tea in a green tea concentrate. This concentrate contains many times the nutrients and other components of green tea per ounce, making it of tremendous value when it comes to health care.

So What are the Benefits of Green Tea Concentrate?

Green tea concentrate contains very powerful polyphenol antioxidants, more potent then that found in any other type of tea in the world. These antioxidants, such as the most common called epigallocatechin gallate, or EGCG act to battle the free radicals. Although these free radicals are found naturally in the human body, they are very harmful to the cells. These free radicals are multiplied in number by environmental toxins such as cigarette smoke and air pollution, among other pollutants. EGCG and other catechins help to protect the DNA from damage by the free radicals. This action can also help prevent premature aging as well as other infections and diseases.

The green tea concentrate has the amazing ability to prevent or even heal various ailments of the body. These may include cardiovascular diseases such as heart attacks or strokes. This is accomplished by green tea concentrate because they can help lower cholesterol and keep harmful blood clots from forming unexpectedly, as well as low or high blood pressure. It has also shown to be very beneficial to those with arthritis, as researchers have found out.

Another area in which green tea concentrate has proven itself time and time again is in weight loss. Not only is green tea great at giving an energy burst due to the small amount of caffeine, but also acts as a great appetite suppressant and boost the metabolism so that the body will burn more calories which aides in the burning of the fat. What makes it so much better than many other weight loss supplements is that it does not cause a heart rate increase at the same time. A lot of the other supplements with the same benefits do and this can be dangerous to your health. As well it will also stimulate thermogenesis naturally, without causing rapid heart rates.

In a nutshell, you will find that the green tea concentrate will be an ideal edition to your already healthy lifestyle. While there is no substitute for exercise and healthy nutrition, the many tremendous benefits of the green tea concentrate will give back more than you expect. And it's so easy to take. Given to try and you will be sorry. You will look and feel many times younger than your real age, with more energy to burn.


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An Interesting Video of Tea Making

A short British movie called Tea Making Tips that was shoot back in 1941, shows us the way of making tea, that no longer we can see nowadays. It could be compared with Japanese tea ceremony. You may find this movie funny or scary, but I admire how they could do such little beneficent ceremonies in the wartime!


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